Anton Pottegård
Professor at University of Southern Denmark
Head of Research at the Hospital Pharmacy, Odense University Hospital

I am a pharmacoepidemiologist and clinical pharmacist working at the University of Southern Denmark. My research focuses on the use of drugs in its broadest sense. Typically, I use data from Danish or international health care registries, to either identify new side effects to drugs or better characterize known ones.

Besides being a professor at the University, I am also Head of Research at the Hospital Pharmacy of Odense University Hospital. Here, we are working with addressing the challenges associated with sector transitions and with ’deprescribing’, that is, reduction of unneccesary drug treatment, in particular for patients nearing the end of their life.

If you wish to get in touch with me, you can call me at
0045 28913340 or write me at

I have authored more than 250 papers, with my research being published in high-ranking general journal such as JAMA, BMJ, and JAMA Int Med, as well as high-ranking specialist journals such as Gut, Int J Epidemiol, Eur Urol and many others. On this webpage, you can find my contact information, a repository of my publications, and various STATA-resources such as video-tutorials.

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+45 28913340

Anton Pottegaard
Lysalleen 7F
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